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Turn of the Century is offering for purchase, painted-Rosemaled pieces done by Jan Boettcher.

I have been rosemaling since the early 1980's, and have studied extensively with well known teachers here in the U.S., as well as with Norwegian teachers in the U.S. and Norway.

I paint and teach in oils. I paint most of the rosemaling styles, including Rogaland, Old Rogaland, Valdres, Gudbrandsdalen, Telemark, Hallingdal, Vest Agder, and OS.

All projects on this page are "one of a kind". If you wish to purchase an item, please select that particular piece just once. Along with your signed piece, you will receive a brief history of the rosemaling style of that piece. The history makes each item a little more special.

Proud to be an Indiana ArtisanI also accept consignment work and offer classes upon request. Please contact me directly with questions or requests.

Want to learn more about me? You can read my Bio on the Indiana Artisans website.


Scroll & Lace BowlThis is my painting of the the Scroll and Lace Bowl on special in our online store. It is featured in the #1 issue, 2012 of The Decorative Painter Magazine. Click the image to visit this product listing in our store.



Rosemaling Classes by Jan Boettcher Telemark Insert Bowl

Rosemaling by Jan
Class: Telemark Insert Bowl (pictured to the right)
Location: Pheasant Run Resort
City: St. Charles, IL
When: Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Time: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Registration begins:December 3, 2012 through

Star Ornament in the Gudbrandsdalen style Rosemaling by Jan at the SDP convention
Class: Star Ornament in the Gudbrandsdalen style
Location: Pheasant Run Resort
City: St. Charles, Illinois
When: May 15, 2013
7 - 9 p.m. Class limited to 15
Watch the SDP site, www.decorativepainters.org for more info and to register.

It's a perfect project for someone who wants to try rosemaling! Hope to see you there!

Os Norwegian three legged chair
Class: Norwegian Three-Legged Chair
Location: TBA
When: TBA - Class being developed based upon interest. Contact Jan if interested
Class limited to six people


Rosemaling by Jan Boettcher

I invite you to look through the rosemaled pieces below. You can see larger views of them in our online store where they are available for purchase. These are one-of-a-kind paintings with only one available for sale.

Click photo for larger view and ordering information

Old Rogaland Trunk
Old Rogaland Trunk

This sweet little trunk painted in the "Old Rogaland" style of rosemaling would make a lovely gift for someone special or a nice piece to indulge yourself. Painted inside with a nice soft off white and rosemaled on the top and front. 11 x 5.75 x 3

Hallilngdal Style Bentwood Box

Hallilngdal Style bentwood box, 11 x 9 is available for sale. The beautiful grace of the Hallingdal style is offered in soft pretty greens, yellows, and red. This is a piece that could also be a small storage box for precious items.


Valdres Style Tine
Valdres Style Tine

This oval tine, painted in black with the more realistic style flowers of the Valdres style, is a more contemporary version of rosemaling.

Signed by Jan and ready to ship!

American Rogaland Carved Wooden Ladle

This ladle is 11" high and painted in American Rogaland style in rich greens and reds. This is a nice accent piece to hang (comes with leather hanger), put on a shelf or display in a grouping. It's a nice accent piece!

American Rogaland Carved Wooden Ladle.

American Rogaland, 7 inch vanity bowl with cover
American Rogaland,
7 inch vanity bowl w/cover

This Rogaland bowl is backgrounded with what is know as Norwegian Red color. The painting is done in white, blue, green, and yellow. Inside finished with a soft cream color. This bowl would make a nice gift!

Basket w/Cover

This is an 8 inch basket with cover. The nisse is painting the fall colors on leaves. The cover is removable and the basket has a swing handle. The nisse is said to be the quiet "little" person who does work for everyone quietly and often without people realizing he is there. The nisse is good and helpful according to folk lore in Norway. This pattern is one I learned in a June Nyberg class.

8 Inch Basket with Cover

Norwegian Troll Spoon
Norwegian Troll Spoon

The spoon measures 13 inches and has a carved bowl, typical of spoons found in Norway. Rosemaling style is Valdres. This style has more "realistic" type flowers. The flowers are "potted", "hung", or "grounded" in this style. Notice the urn the flowers are "potted" in.

American Rogaland-style plate

This plate is 12 inches and has a 12-sided edge. It is painted in pretty blues, reds, and yellows.The red tulip and blue scrolls are very common in this style. The style is often described as having a "kaleidoscope" appearance and/or "mirror" image. Both sides of the design are the same. The design is painted in three shades of each color to give it the depth it has. The cheery colors will be a nice addition to your decor.

American Rogaland-style plate

Norwegian Ale Plate
Norwegian Ale Plate

This plate measures 9 inches x 12 inches with an 8 inch center. The background is black and is painted in the Valdres style with a cluster of flowers and accented with touches of gold. More "realistic" flowers are common with the Valdres style, and the colors are generally very pleasing.

10 Inch "OS" Plate

This 10 inch plate has a black background and is painted in the bright primary colors used in the Os style. This particular style of Os is from the Voss area of Norway. I learned this style in Norway from Torunn Rod Farsund, 5th generation Os painter. Os is generally painted on a white, black, red, or blue background with white being the most common. The flowers are painted in bright cheery colors and are often referred to as "fantasy-type flowers".

OS Plate

Pattern Packets
$13.50 each

Packet includes the mini wood cutting board, a color photo, pattern, supply list, and complete instructions. These packets are great beginner projects or just a great small piece to paint for a gift to a special person.

$13.50 per packet (including wood piece). Four to chose from.

  1. Mini Cutting Board in "American Rogaland" Style
  2. Mini Cutting Board, "Os" Style Rose
  3. Mini Cutting Board, "Old Rogaland" Style-Flower
  4. Mini Cutting Board "Valdres Tulip

Norwegian Ale Hen

This ale hen measures 15 inches long. Carved bowl is 4 1/2 inches and 2 1/2 inches deep. The ale hen comes from Norway. Norwegian ale bowls or cups can come in many shapes, including dragons, hens, horse heads, stave construction, or carved.

The red iron oxide background gives a bright and cheery appearance. The style is "Telemark" using bright reds, blues, yellows, and greens. The inside bowl is painted a lovely green, which has been antiqued and rosemaled in the same style. One of a kind.

Norwegian Ale Hen


All projects are designed and painted by Jan, unless otherwise specified. All copyrights © apply. We reserve the rights to these designs. Pictures may not be copied in any manner.